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We have over 230 years of combined experience creating healthcare
communication campaigns with precision and cultural competency.

Our team’s applied social impact marketing techniques and digital strategies
have inspired behavior change across diverse audiences.

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The Challenge of Communicating Health Care Information Effectively

BG Public Health Team partner Altarum Institute has released the following White Paper Brief: The Challenge of Communicating Health Care Information Effectively, which highlights key findings from its study analyzing how patients – especially disadvantaged patients – interact with our country’s healthcare system.

Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as part of the Right Place, Right Time research initiative, and led by researchers Dr. Chris Duke and Dr. Christine Stanik, Altarum interviewed vulnerable patients, including low-income patients, the uninsured, family caregivers, and non-English speakers, to learn their most urgent concerns about the health care system and the information they need to make health decisions. The full Right Place, Right Time report will be released in the fall of 2016.

With a goal of understanding health information needs and determining if those needs are reflected in current resources and tools, Altarum’s consumer-focused research examined:

  • How various population segments currently access health information.
  • Consumer motivations for accessing (or not) available health information, examined by population segment.
  • Whether current health information resources provide positive support.
  • Health and health care issues that consumers believe are not addressed by available health information resources.

For further information on the research process, findings and recommended solutions, download The Challenge of Communicating Health Care Information Effectively.

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A Small Business with Big Ideas

A registered 8(a)-certified small business, Brunet-García serves as prime contractor on CDC's 10-year communication services blanket purchase agreement. Our teaming partner, Sapient, and subcontractors provide enhanced depth and scope of services.

Our size and approach to project management provide instant accessibility, accountability, and control. The depth of our partnership provides scalability and reach.


A Bridge for the Healthcare Divide

Our team creates holistic communications for underserved populations based on integrated social determinants as well as internal and external factors.

Our native connection to the marketplace has resulted in multilingual healthcare campaigns with quantifiable results built on cultural relevance and community trust.


A Partner with a Digital Perspective

Our team provides leading-edge digital engagement and analysis with the ability to reach disparate audiences.

Our future-focused digital strategy with assessment and data migration tools eliminates inefficiencies and increases accountability.